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Webinar: Physiologist Led Valve Clinic – Redesigning the treatment pathway for patients with Cardiac Valve disease

Wednesday May 31, 2017
2:00 pm BST (GMT+1)

As demand on Cardiology Clinics continues to grow along with patient waiting lists, Trusts are seeking new ways to expand clinic capacity and manage resources as well as patient flow.

Redesigning the treatment pathway for patients with Cardiac Valve disease through the provision of physiologist led valve clinics reduces the demand for Consultant’s time by enabling physiologists to make real time decisions which in turn expands a clinic’s capacity and ultimately improves the patients’ experience.

Join us in a conversation and learn what you could achieve with the McKesson Cardiology Valve Clinic Module:

  • The echo reporting module of McKesson Cardiology is now enhanced to support Physiologist Led Valve Clinics
  • Building on the standard functionality of the existing cardiology solution for reporting and storing all cardiac images the solution now includes a specific template to support reporting of the heart valve abnormality and surveillance.

Maureen Gardner, Clinical Lead at McKesson will provide a solution overview and demonstration of the McKesson Cardiology Physiology Led Valve Clinic solution.

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