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McKesson and HSE Win IMSTA Med Tech 2014 Awards

NIMIS recognised for Best Improvement in Patient Safety-

15th October 2014: McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions and the Health Service Executive have been announced as the winners of the ‘Best Improvement in Patient Safety’ award at the 2014 Med Tech Awards’ ceremonial dinner on 9th October.

The National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) has been described as ‘transformational’ for the health and welfare of the Irish Population, and it is the only national radiology IT infrastructure of its kind globally.

“The overarching objective of NIMIS is to improve the healthcare of Irish citizens through the provision of advanced medical technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions,”commented Ray Cahill, executive director, International Operations, McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions Group.  “We are delighted that NIMIS has been recognised for its achievements in this field, but moreover that the programme is indeed having a positive impact on the population safety.”

NIMIS was awarded the Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Association’s (IMSTA) ‘Best Improvement in Patient Safety’ award because it was seen to represent an important step toward helping ensure the highest patient safety standards across the healthcare system.

The project incorporates RIS (Radiology Information System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and voice recognition software, which underpin a drive to move towards a filmless and paperlite environment in radiology.  NIMIS will be delivered to 46 hospitals (63 distinct facilities). Currently 33 hospitals (over 50 facilities) are live, which will account for nearly 80% of the public hospitals across Ireland.

NIMIS gives medical professionals greater access to the diagnostic information they need to care for the patient than previously available. The choice of the HSE to connect all of the hospitals on a single database creates an environment that provides access to past images and medical information for patients in a controlled and secure way.  In addition to removing a barrier that has impeded eHealth progress in the past, more importantly, NIMIS streamlines the movement of patients through the acute health system.

NIMIS facilitates:

  • Ease of access to patient records within a rapid timeframe.  Clinicians throughout the healthcare system, across different sites, can share patient imaging data where appropriate.  This helps to eliminate the loss of medical images and make patient information available safely and rapidly where and when it's needed, at every stage of the patient journey.
  • Electronic requests for diagnostic tests. By placing requests electronically, clinical information can be available to the radiographer and radiologist at the time of the examination.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity.  Radiology staff and the entire hospital system can benefit from fewer repeat exams, faster turnaround for reports, improved clinical consultation and remote referrals of patients with controlled and audited access.
  • Decreased report turnaround time (TAT). Many hospitals have reported a significant reduction in report TATs for radiology investigations, helping to enable diagnostic decision-making to occur more quickly.

“The NIMIS programme represents an important step towards helping us ensure the highest patient safety standards across the healthcare system, with wide reaching impacts that will contribute significantly to the experience of the patient, healthcare professionals, radiology staff’s experience as well as the operational workings of the entire hospital system,” concludes Warren Edwards, vice president Services & Imaging Operations. “McKesson is very proud to have been involved from the beginning of the project, through the various stages and are excited to continue to deliver value to NIMIS.”

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