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Change Healthcare offers a comprehensive medical imaging PACS solution that delivers superior performance, flexibility and reliability combined with ease of use. The deployment options for McKesson Radiology™ enable users to connect to the patient’s electronic patient record (EPR) and to fulfil specific workflow requirements in and around your facility or even beyond its walls.

We help our customers deal with the everyday challenges faced in the medical imaging department — the demand for more information, the pressure of reducing resources, the increasing patient care expectation and ever-advancing technology. We help our users to eliminate unnecessary procedural steps, accelerate the entire diagnostic process, from ordering a procedure through to report distribution back to the patient’s referrer.

We understand that healthcare facilities work in multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments composed of disparate systems. As such, you require a way to integrate across the different medical imaging disciplines and subspecialties. And that’s just what the McKesson Radiology solution does, transforming your PACS workstations into multi-disciplinary enterprise imaging platforms.

Our ability to integrate with a large variety of third-party solutions can provide our customers with tools to help them achieve real return on their investment. As a healthcare IT company, our ability to integrate with market-leading providers brings together the true value of the individual solutions along with our leading radiology solution platform.

Architecture and Infrastructure

Medical Imaging Solutions Built for Reliability, Stability and Scalability

McKesson Radiology™ picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is built on an architecture that ensures stability, performance and scalability of healthcare providers' mission critical infrastructure. By matching deployment models based on network characteristics, geographic distribution of facilities and radiologist reading workflow, McKesson Radiology is able to optimize the infrastructure performance to specific environments while still providing a cost-effective solution -- whether studies are acquired elsewhere, are large and complex, retrieved from another DICOM system, or travel between facilities on low bandwidth networks.

Change Healthcare provides turn-key McKesson Radiology, including the servers and software for single source provider, and supports deployment on VMware, to leverage your existing virtualization strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery options include: data center failover, online replication, archive replication and fault tolerant system design. These options cover every component of PACS so hospitals are able to fully, and quickly, recover complete system operations in the event of a data center failure.

High Availability

McKesson Radiology is built to protect the system operations against database failure with an automatic failover of the database server, which dramatically increases system reliability and immediate data redundancy.

Business Continuance

In the event that a database does go down, activities and programs are designed to return to an acceptable condition, providing data protection, resilience, continued system operation and complete access to all data.

Installation, Service and Support

We understand that a successful PACS implementation depends equally on technology integration and system set-up as well as customer satisfaction and end user adoption. During the installation phase our experienced application specialists will create a training plan to promote end-user adoption of your overall solution.

With well over 2,000 PACS installations worldwide, Change Healthcare has years of implementation experience. The service teams employ repeatable processes and best-practice methodologies that help to ensure you see benefits of your PACS sooner and with minimal disruption. This is made possible because every PACS solution is configured and tested before shipment, assuring a quality and turnkey implementation.

As a Change Healthcare customer, you have access to our UK hosted industry leading support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via telephone and remote-systems access, with on-site support available if required. The Change Healthcare Service Support Centre resolves more than 95% of all issues reported by the McKesson Radiology sites directly, without any need for on-site support.

Our service specialists answer all calls directly during core business hours, without the need for voicemail or automated touchtone menus. The Change Healthcare service specialist who answers your call will be the same person who resolves your issue.

Solutions for Radiology

Our comprehensive solutions for Radiology include:

Medical Imaging System Tools: The McKesson Radiology™ Control Station tool allows radiographers to resolve common system issues and access study information in a convenient and efficient manner, including moving and deleting scanned documents.

Mammography Solutions: McKesson Radiology Mammography Plus™ is a module that eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated mammography workstation. Instead, you can leverage the investment your organisation has already made in McKesson Radiology to serve the fullfield digital mammography domain, including support for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT).

Volumetric CT and MR Solutions: Variable Thickness Regional Intensity Protocols™ (VTRIP™) is a productivity tool that provides adjustable and expandable capabilities that natively display the extra fidelity from volumetric CT and MR within the McKesson Radiology Station application.

Medical Teaching Files: Change Healthcare Study Share™ enables radiologists and other diagnostic-imaging specialists to organise and share images, teaching files and reference case information needed during daily practice directly from within PACS. It helps provide the ability to create a highly sophisticated decision support library helps to minimise the time and effort spent on research training, mentoring and the creation of a highly searchable reference library.

Radiology Information System: Change Healthcare provides a RIS solution to NIMIS hospitals, offering a workflow management solution for Radiology administration, including integrated VR activated reporting and optimised radiology workflow. McKessonRadiology is a comprehensive diagnostic imaging platform that surrounds its primary radiology imaging toolset with a complement of subspecialty solutions. Users have all of these tools at their fingertips while staying in one spot, making it the ultimate radiology cockpit.

Medical Imaging Professional Services: The Change Healthcare Medical Imaging Professional Services™ portfolio helps you achieve the maximum value from your investment in image management solutions. We offer a wide range of industry-leading services to help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize return on investment.

Web-based access to images and reports

In support of wider access to the McKesson Radiology PACS solution, Change Healthcare offers a thin client application — the McKesson Radiology Station™. This provides web-based access giving clinical staff easier and more time efficient access to patient images and associated reports, leading to improved engagement and enhanced experience for everyone involved — clinicians and patients alike.

By providing an easier path for addressing end-user and market specific requirements, Change Healthcare’s solutions are well-positioned for future enhancement and expansion. For example,  McKesson Radiology displays, analyses, distributes and stores all image types, scans, reports and other data — including nuclear medicine, advanced visualisation, orthopaedics and mammography.

Whether inside the hospital or in a referring GP practice, access to the right information at the right time can help significantly improve your ability to oversee the complete picture and deliver better patient care. It can accelerate diagnosis and treatment times, resulting in better outcomes and shorter time to recovery.

Our approach allows you the freedom to deploy the McKesson Radiology Station on existing hardware. By alleviating the need to purchase workstation hardware, it’s possible for you to leverage existing investments whilst still meeting the solution’s minimum requirements. In other words, the solution helps improve productivity and reduce costs!

The deployment flexibility of the McKesson Radiology Station caters to specific end-user roles and requirements so that you can address emerging workflow changes as they affect your operations. With synchronised patient information available at all times, the solution will help you enhances correct decision making and foster improved patient outcomes.

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