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Enterprise Medical Imaging

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    Find out more about Change Healthcare Imaging & Workflow Solutions in Ireland.

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    Supporting National projects and initiatives to improve imaging services and patient care across the country.

  • Solutions

    Designed to help health care organisations manage the huge amount of specialised imaging applications in today's diagnostic imaging department.

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    Watch the video to learn about Ireland’s National Integrated Medical Imaging Solution.

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    Request a meeting or request a demo to find out how our solutions could work in your organisation.

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    Find out how Change Healthcare’s solutions could support your imaging and workflow needs.

  • Upcoming Events

    NIMIS PACS Admin Training

    Who Should Attend? If you are a new NIMIS PACS administrator or Radiographer moving into the NIMIS PACS administrator role, then this...

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  • Change Healthcare Awards

    Read about Change Healthcare's recent award successes.

Change Healthcare Ireland

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T: +353 (0) 1 438 7600
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