Change Healthcare Cardiology Hemo™

Change Healthcare Cardiology Hemo is the integrated hemodynamic monitoring system for cardiology departments that need to aggregate hemodynamic data, waveforms and images in one cardiac patient record.


AdvancedHemodynamic Monitoring Enhances Workflow & Productivity

  • Enhances care decisions through the aggregation and display of cath imaging and data through a single platform.
  • Reduces button clicks via an intuitive user interface used to collect and display waveforms, hemodynamic data, procedural data, and signatures that automatically populate the final physician report.
  • Promotes physician efficiency by allowing physicians to complete their report before the patients leave the room.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry through the single integrated database for all your cardiovascular procedures.
  • Streamlines workflow by providing simultaneous documentation from the control room and in-room staff.
  • Enables access to historical information.

Maintain Accurate and Timely Charting and Reporting

  • Real-time charting

    • Real-time procedure notes charting continually keeps clinical records up-to-date.
    • Real-time customizable vitals chart, including pain status and conscious sedation data, enables users to accurately monitor patient status and respond to quickly meet patient needs.
    • Seamlessly integrated Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) measurements into the Change Healthcare Hemodynamic monitoring system enables the acquisition of the FFR sample and relevant clinical documentation.
  • Reporting

    • Patient demographics, medication information, hemodynamic waveforms, fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements, images and procedural information all flow seamlessly into one complete patient record.
    • The system supports adult, pediatric, and neonatal group definitions for age specific calculations.
    • Customizable patient demographics forms and procedural data forms.
  • Complete lab integration

    • Enables complete meds and labs integration, helping to simplify your workflow and optimize your cost-effectiveness.
    • Delivers an intuitive user interface that collects and displays waveforms, hemodynamic data, procedural data, and signatures that automatically populate the final physician report.
    • Supports patients of all ages and delivers a flexible, modular solution to address your particular workflow and needs.

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