Change Healthcare Workflow Intelligence™

A vendor-neutral, flexible medical imaging workflow rules engine for radiologists who want to consolidate interpretation and quality tasks in single or multi-system environments to promote visibility and communication.


6features for a smarter workflow

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Improve productivity

Align demand with supply  by using a solution that automatically escalates and assigns studies to the most appropriate, available physician.

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Drive collaboration

Encourage collaboration across the enterprise by using a smart, universal worklist that incorporates quality and interpretations tasks in one place.

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Improve efficiency

Boost performance by relying on best practices workflows that support faster turnaround times and reduced length of stay.

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Enable AI-driven study prioritization

Escalate exams with AI-detected abnormalities and improve turnaround time for urgent studies by using best-of-breed artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Measure and improve quality

Enhance quality by using custom and standardized workflows for anonymous peer review, technologist review, critical results, ED/Radiology communication, Mammography image review, and more.  

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Visualize your performance

Assess your current performance by using robust, scalable, and flexible analytics, data visualizations, and reporting.

What's included

  • Automatic assignment and prioritization

    • Advanced escalation model with up to 99 priority levels to balance and distribute workload
    • Seamless communication with colleagues inside and outside the hospital
    • Integrated worklist incorporates studies from multiple PACS or facilities 
  • Enterprise-level quality workflows

    • Standardized quality workflows across any size organization
    • PACS integration supports an uninterrupted workflow for radiologists and technologists
    • Anonymous peer review ensures focus remains on peer learning and quality improvement
  • Customized solution for radiology practices

    • End-to-end workflow, image management, viewing, and analytics solution
    • Intelligent worklist orchestrates workflow across all sites, regardless of PACS
    • Consulting services assess and optimize your operations

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