Change Healthcare Cardiology™ PACS Solution

A single-database cardiology PACS portfolio for providers which integrates with your EPR/PAS and VNA to transform care through the end-to-end management of images, reports, ECG, haemodynamics, waveforms, analytics, charge capture, and inventory management.

What’s Included in Change Healthcare Cardiology™ PACS Solution

  • Single platform

    • Seamless integration with EPR/PAS, MMIS
    • Streamlined workflow with structured reporting
    • A single-database solution to consolidate silos 
  • Streamlined data management

    • Patient data is accessible in one place
    • Robust analytics provide operational intelligence
    • Anywhere, anytime access to data
  • Comprehensive interoperability

    • Integrates seamlessly with third-party solutions
    • A single point of connectivity to your EPR/PAS and VNA
    • Flexible and scalable vendor-neutral architecture

Single,interoperable platform improves workflows to augment clinical decision-making

Cardiology PACS-IE

Improve workflow excellence to enhance patient care and help maximise diagnosis efficiency.

Help improve quality of care, meet performance goals, plan resource requirements, and understand expansion needs with Cardiology PACS operational and clinical intelligence. Cardiovascular patient data is accessible in one place, by the right person and at the right time. It is streamlined into a single platform, allowing you to aggregate data and improve care quality. 

Cardiology PACS-IE

Implement excellence in workflow to improve efficiency, patient care, and outcomes.

Cardiology PACS is a comprehensive solution emphasising workflows that improve efficiency and patient care. Through seamless integration with modalities, EPR/PAS, VNA and advanced analysis solutions we create a true single patient cardiovascular record and workflow, which, when combined with simple data entry and consumption, enables fast, accurate patient care. 

Cardiology PACS-IE

Create a holistic single-patient cardiovascular record to increase efficiency, care, and outcomes.

Cardiology PACS’s comprehensive EPR/PAS interoperability and a unique single DB architecture creates the most holistic single patient Cardiovascular record – promoting unparalleled efficiency, patient care, and improved outcomes. We anticipate our customer’s needs with innovative new platforms that pave the road for the cardiovascular workflows of the future.

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    Change Healthcare Cardiology™ 15.0 Brochure

    Learn how you can streamline your clinical workflow in a secure, single-database environment.

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